Normand Mousseau
Professor of Physics and Academic director
of the Trottier Energy Institute
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Pandemic, when the reason becomes ill

Friday 13 November 2020
How can we explain that a civilization which knows quantum mechanics, which set foot on the Moon and which has the means to modify, on its own, the climate of the planet could not have done better to counter a new virus than to lock up its population in a double turn for months? Of course, (...)

Winning the climate war. Twelve myths to be debunked

Tuesday 28 February 2017
The reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) will automatically lead to an improvement in our quality of our quality of life. Hydroelectricity is the key to Quebec’s enrichment. Canada is a great energy power It is enough to tax carbon to put a brake on global warming,. Oil is still there (...)

Comment se débarrasser du diabète de type 2 sans chirurgie ni médicament

Friday 18 December 2015
On serait tenté de voir dans le diabète une simple maladie chronique contrôlable grâce à la médication. Ce serait oublier que le diabète est responsable d’un nombre important de cas de cécité, d’amputation, de maladie du rein et d’arrêt cardiaque. Toute personne qui en souffre est condamnée à passer le (...)

Mastering our Energy Future

Sunday 13 July 2014
Report from the Quebec Commission on Energy Issues that was co-chaired by Roger Lanoue and myself [1]. This report, entitled Mastering our Energy Future : For the economic, environmental and social benefit of all, was produced after a set of hearings held across Québec with the help of more (...)

Managing mining ressources : a challenge for all

Sunday 13 July 2014
Mines, shale gaz, oil. Natural resources remain a major news item even in our cloud economy. The rapid increase in the price of oil and metals, over the last decade, coupled with the development of new technologies allowing the exploitation of non-conventional resources, has led to major (...)

The shale gas revolution

Sunday 13 July 2014
In a few years, the exploitation of shale gas has revolutionized the energy sector in the United States and North America. It now promises to do the same over the rest of the planet. However, while the resource appears to be plentiful all around the globe, its exploitation is far from being (...)

Energy independence

For the future of Québec
Wednesday 16 July 2014
With almost 50 % of its energy coming from renewable sources, Quebec is particularly well-positionned to become the first modern economy to abandon oil and to achieve energy independence. This collective project, both realist and exciting, could transform Quebec into a leading model for the (...)

The end of oil

All you need to know about the energy crisis
Wednesday 16 July 2014
Energy issues are the talk of the day every day! Every time, medias, analysts and politicians are pointing their finger to a well-defined culprit but that changes constantly: speculators, Iran, Iraq, Russia, consumers, etc. But these daily events are only the reflection of a much more (...)

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