Normand Mousseau
Professor of Physics and Academic director
of the Trottier Energy Institute

Kinetic ART

The kinetic Activation-Relaxation Technique is a unique algorithm for off lattice kinetic Monte-Carlo simulations (see publication list).

Kinetic ART is the resulting work of many people. Besides myself, the following researchers were or are involved in the algorithmic development:

  • Laurent Karim Béland
  • Peter Brommer
  • Fadwa El-Mellouhi (co-creator of the software)
  • Jean-François Joly
  • Gawonou Kokou N’Tsouaglo
  • Laurent Lewis
  • Oscar Restrepo
  • Mickaël Trochet


Since kinetic ART is still undergoing extensive development, the code is not available on this page.

However, we will be happy to send you the latest version. Simply contact me by e-mail.

Thursday 10 December 2015

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