Normand Mousseau
Professor of Physics and Academic director
of the Trottier Energy Institute

Alecsandre Sauvé-Lacoursière

M.Sc. Student

Research Project

  • High entropy alloys


  • EDF

Published papers

  • A. Sauvé-Lacoursière, S. Gelin, G. Adjanor, C. Domain, N. Mousseau, Unexpected role of prefactors in defects diffusion: the case of vacancies in the 55Fe-28Ni-17Cr concentrated solid-solution alloys, Acta Materialia 237, 118153 (2022).

  • M. Trochet, A. Sauvé-Lacoursière, N. Mousseau, Algorithmic developments of the kinetic activation-relaxation technique: Accessing long-time kinetics of larger and more complex systems, The Journal of Chemical Physics 147, 152712 (2017).
Wednesday 6 June 2018

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