Normand Mousseau
Professor of Physics and Academic director
of the Trottier Energy Institute


To facilitate exchanges, the number of participants to this workshop will be limited to 15 to 20 people. If you are interested in participating into this workshop, please contact the organiser.

Participants listed below are confirmed. We are waiting for a few other confirmations.

- François Bouffard (McGill)
- Claudio A. Cañizares (Waterloo)
- Evariste Feurtney (UQAR)
- L.D. Danny Harvey (Toronto)
- Roger Lanoue (Montréal)
- Wade Locke (Memorial)
- Guy Marleau (Polytechnique)
- Jennifer McKellar (UOIT)
- James Meadowcroft (Carleton)
- Normand Mousseau (Montréal)
- Pierre-Olivier Pineau (HEC Montréal)
- Ian H. Rowlands (Waterloo)
- Hugo Tremblay (Montréal)
- Mark S. Winfield (York)
- Emmanuel Yiridoe (Dalhousie)


- Miguel Anjos (Polytechnique)
- Guillaume Demers (MERN)
- Kristian Gareau (McGill)
- Jack Gibbons (Ontario Clear Air Alliance)
- François L’Italien (IREC)
- Catherine Potvin (McGill)
- Mickaël Trochet (UdeM)
- Lorne Trottier
- Johanne Whitmore (HEC Montréal)

Sunday 20 July 2014

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